Missoula Outdoor Recreation: GoPro Adventure Camp Premier at The Roxy

The City of Missoula’s incredible, amazing, fabulous, and adventurous Outdoor Recreation & Education program has wrapped up a week of outdoor exploration. We’re proud to host a premier of campers’ GoPro footage, compiled into one wild ride of a film.

Friday July 19th 5 pm at The Roxy , Free and open to the public

Did you know that adventure is actually a state of mind? At the MORE program, we recognize that people in Missoula have all different shapes, incomes, genders, sizes, ages, colors, and abilities. It’s our goal to provide programs that fit the needs of the people of Missoula. After all, we are your community Parks and Recreation department! From walking tours of our city parks, volunteer projects, white water rafting, rock climbing, and leadership camps, we can offer adventure on every level.

MORE’s Program Goals

  • To provide enriching, positive, and safe experiences though a variety of outdoor based experiential activities and skills.
  • To foster a sense of community and be a resource in Western Montana by facilitating productive group interactions and learning opportunities.
  • To offer our professional staff the opportunity to expand and sharpen their wealth of outdoor skills.

Outdoor Adventures 
Missoula Outdoor Recreation and Education (M.O.R.E) program offers unique team-building activities such as our Challenge Course that can quickly bring your group to a new level of teamwork and communication, all while having a great time.

Find out more about MORE and register for summer and fall after-school camps here….

The Mission of MORE is to provide programs to our community that offer opportunities to experience, learn, enjoy and grow in the outdoors.


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