Open to Ages 13-17
10am-3pm daily
World Premiere Screening of Music Videos Friday, April 21st at The Roxy Theater

Montana Film Academy is excited to announce that our Music Video Summer Camp for Teens is now OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT.

During the week, campers will create full-length music videos from a selection of songs by local bands. The screening of the videos will take place Friday, August 21st and is open to the public.

Young filmmakers will chose an original song by one of Missoula’s local favorites: Wartime Blues, Magpies, Buddy Jackson, Holy Lands and more.

Any original songs recorded by camp registrants will also be considered, so if you’ve got your own tune you’d like to create a music video for, don’t be afraid to ask. Just email it to Lily at


Congratulations, young filmmakers!  We are so proud of you and the amazing work you produced this week at the Roxy!


For all who are out of the loop:

This summer, Montana Film Academy put into practice the art of making a MINI MONSTER MOCKUMENTARY. During the week, students devised, created, filmed and edited together short films with award-winning Documentarian Eddie Roqueta (Silencing the Thunder), special FX makeup artist Joe Sullivan, and local Missoula actors Lily Gladstone, Dan Molloy and Jeremy Sher.

20 kids, from ages 9-17, spent the week viewing and creating documentaries. With professional mentors, they put into practice the art of creating a short film. From pre to post-production, students created this entirely original film documenting (or, rather, mockumenting) a fantastical monster of their own creation: CANUS AMERIGASTOR, or, commonly know as THE MISSOULA GASTER. Part wolf, part eagle, part bear, and part mountain goat, “Canus Amerigastor” became the subject of two final mockumentaries. To set the tone of an evening newcast, other groups produced a news segment, interviews with eyewitnesses, and commercial breaks.


Canus Amerigastor – Max Firehammer

Pre-Show, Newcast, and Commercial Breaks – All Campers!

Origami Stop Motion Music Video – Maddie Whitright and Larae Ellenwood

Campers, we couldn’t be more proud or impressed!  Keep it up, we’ll see you at another camp!


Summer Camp 2015 Update: Meet Our Staff

Filmmaking Camp Updates

Summer Camp Image 2

June 22-26, 9am-5pm @ The Roxy Theater


This summer, Montana Film Academy will put into practice the art of making a MINI MONSTER MOCKUMENTARY. During the week, students will devise, create, film and edit together a short film with award-winning Documentarian Eddie Roqueta (Silencing the Thunder), Special FX makeup artist Joe Sullivan, and local actors Lily Gladstone, Dan Molloy and Jeremy Sher.

Students will learn the process of creating a short film from pre to post-production as they create an entirely original film documenting (or, rather, mockumenting) a fantastical monster of their own creation. An original film will be written, shot, edited and screened during this week-long crash course in what it takes to make a movie.

Meet the Team

Eddie Roqueta – Wildlife Documentarian

Eddie RoquetaEddie Roqueta holds an MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University and a BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida. Roqueta is a National Geographic grant recipient, festival coordinator for the International Wildlife Film Festival, and an emerging documentary filmmaker. His debut short-film Silencing the Thunder has screened to great acclaim at numerous festivals including the 2015 Environmental Film Festival in DC, 2015 International Wildlife Film Festival, and 2015 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (just to name a few) and is the winner of the College Emmy Award. Silencing the Thunder is broadcast locally on MontanaPBS and was featured on National Geographic’s website.

Joe Sullivan – Special FX Makeup ArtistJoe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan was born and raised in good ‘ol Butte, Montana. He graduated from MSU with his degree in Film in 2012, and since then has been doing his best to make a name for himself.

He’s always had an affinity for Special Effects Makeup, and has had the opportunity to showcase his skills on several shorts films, commercials, and the feature films Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs and Timber the Treasure Dog.

He likes cheeseburgers.

Lily Gladstone – Actress and Camp Coordinator

Lily Gladstone is an actress, theatrical artist, workshop facilitator and educator. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an Acting focus, as well as a minor in Native American Studies from the University of Montana. Since graduating, she has 10704117_10100332041168866_2866496632189236429_nworked professionally on stages and screens around the United States.

A member of both Screen Actor’s Guild and Actor’s Equity Association, Lily is often away from Missoula, pretending to be someone else.  She has nationally toured with The Montana Repertory Theatre, as well as the Seattle based company Living Voices.

Recently, she wrapped filming on Sony Pictures’s Untitled Kelly Reichardt Project, shot in Livingston, Montana alongside Laura Dern, Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart.  The film will be released in early 2016.

When she isn’t pretending to be someone else, she prefers to be in Missoula, teaching and facilitating fun things for kids to do.

Dan Molloy – Actor and Filmmakerdirecting

After graduating with a BA in Film/Television from MSU ­Bozeman in 2002, Daniel moved to Los Angeles working as an intern, script reader and assistant for Fox Studios, Davis Film works, Flower Films, Mindless Entertainment and the Gameshow Network.

Daniel came back to Missoula and got his MFA in filmmaking. His thesis film, Closed Door Open, ​was put on the honorable mention list at the SaMo Indie Film Festival in Santa Monica.

He is currently in Missoula freelance editing and gearing up production on his next short film Not Yet Traveled.

Jeremy Sher – Actor 

Jeremy has co-founded several performance ensembles over the past 20 years in Barcelona, Seattle, Montana and France. He has performed and trained in disciplines from classical theatre to Japanese dance, often with multi-national casts.

IJeremySherHeadshotBluen Missoula where he currently lives, he has performed with Montana Rep. In Chicago he worked at Writers Theatre (“Travels With My Aunt”), The Neo-Futurists (“Strange Interlude”), Next Theatre, Stage Left, Goodman Theatre, Victory Gardens, Redmoon Theater (After Dark Award: Outstanding Performance “Hunchback”), The Building Stage (After Dark Award: Outstanding Production “Dustbowl Gothic”). Regionally, he’s performed at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Shakespeare Theatre D.C., HotCity Theatre (St. Louis) and Annex Theatre (Seattle), among others. Off-Broadway: New Victory Theatre.  He has created three original full-length productions and plans to continue this work going forward.

Monday June 22-26th, 2015  @ 9 am – 5 pm at The Roxy Theater

Ages 10-16 recommended

Any questions? Contact Us

Give Local

Good day, MFA followers!

What an amazing year for the Montana Film Academy! Our programming has reached classrooms and youth programs across the state, empowering the next generation of storytellers to work together in creating a wide variety of digital projects.

From classrooms in rural, two-room school houses to adult-ed courses led by working professionals in Montana’s film industry, we continue to grow a solid filmmaking community in the state we are lucky enough to call home.

It is once again time for Missoula’s annual Give Local. Consider supporting the organization that supports us.

On Tuesday, May 5th, you can donate on-line and make a difference.

The Roxy Theater is an invaluable jewel in the crown of Montana Film. It houses and supports a wide variety of non-profit programming, such as the Montana Film Academy, and without its support, moments like these….


(On the set of SUNVANDO FILMS’ 1950s PSA, “Manners” in Ovando, MT)

(Meadow Hill Middle School’s 8th grade Spanish Class)

…would not have been possible.

Please support the Roxy, and Give Local!

Production Intensives – Starts Saturday May 2nd

PI_LogoProof copyWe’re gearing up here for opening weekend of the 2015 Montana Production Intensive. This weekend is going to be a great gathering of Montana filmmaking professionals, students and newcomers to the industry.

Montana’s own Allison Whitmer will be our amazing guide through the weekend, along with professional mentors and special guests including Film Commissioner Deny Stags and Rachel Gregg, Nik Griffith, Jeri Rafter, Lily Gladstone, Andrew Rizzo, Aaron Roos, Mike Steinberg, Mark Schogren, JD Jacoby, Dan Molloy, Heidi Dubose, Andrew Bassett, Mike Schweizer, Claire Dryer, Alex Escarsega, Gary Burton, Brooke Swaney, Skye Bennett, John Witham, Max Kubisiak, Austin Davis, Alex Anderlick, Austin Davis, Cheyenne Simmons and Jen Haas. Thank you to everyone on the team for making this an amazing educational and professional development opportunity.

Follow us @theroxy406

Follow us @theroxy406

Announcing the new Montana Production Intensive

⌘ Production Intensive Series

PI_LogoProof copy 1
The Montana Production Intensive is a workshop series for aspiring film professionals that works with the movie industry and educational institutions to help build the future of film production in Montana.

This program is designed to make its students desirable to productions that come to the state. If you’re committed to working in Montana, we will help launch your career. In addition to giving you a comprehensive foundation in the skills you will need to work in production, we will connect you to apprenticeships, internships and job opportunities.

The Roxy Film Academy is aiming to make Montana a place where production will happen. Supporting talented PAs and production workers is the keystone of that.



 May 2-3 will feature Allison Whitmer leading a team of 10 professional mentors. Whitmer will present her passion for working in Montana. You’ll learn about what comes through Montana and what we can do together to make Montana’s film community stronger. Students will learn the skills and lingo it takes to communicate confidently on set.  We’ll start with some drills and get into set etiquette, scopes, lexicon, equipment and safety. You need to know the chain of command, when to talk and when to listen. Day 2 will be a live set experience. Cheeseburger? Sandbag? Applebox? Gobo? Let’s get into the language, the movement and the protocols.


Summer Camp 2015

The Montana Film Academy’s summer filmmaking camp is a fun and memorable summer program at The Roxy Theater.

During this week-long camp, students will learn the principles of filmmaking from start to finish and produce a film. We’ll start with exploring how to build a story, train on camera and sound, get out shooting and bring it back to the editing room. Students will learn new skills, collaborate and explore putting their visions onto film.

Monday June 22-26th, 2015  @ 9 am – 5 pm at The Roxy Theater

Ages 10-16 recommended.

For questions and more information contact us!

Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run meets MFA

Montana Film Academy is excited to report that its arsenal of iPad filmmaking equipment was just utilized for a truly moving and deeply meaningful endeavor.  From January 9-14th, the iPads (and actress Lily Gladstone) hit the road with Yellow Bird Inc.’s 19th Annual Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run to conduct a digital storytelling workshop for participating youth from the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in SE Montana.

Across 400 miles, over 5 days, upwards of 70 youth from Northern Cheyenne and other tribal nations participated in this year’s relay run.  The run is held annually on the anniversary of the 1879 Cheyenne Outbreak from Fort Robinson, NE.  Therunners face the harsh winter conditions of the Northern Plains to commemorate and honor the sacrifices made by their ancestors, while also embracing the life that emerged from the tragedy of the outbreak. A true exercise in forgiveness and healing, this run transmutes the trauma of the outbreak into an act of celebrating love and life.

2015-01-13 13.55.28

Taliyah (Tee Tee) Medicine Horse and Velma Fisher

A bit about the history of the Fort Robinson Outbreak:

In the fall of 1878, after having been forcibly relocated to Indian Territory (what is now Kansas and Oklahoma), upwards of 300 Northern Cheyenne were led by Chiefs Dull Knife and Lone Wolf on a northern exodus to their traditional lands and rightful home in the Powder River country of Montana and Wyoming. Dull Knife and Lone Wolf parted ways along this journey. Those who followed Dull Knife eventually (and accidentally) were intercepted by Calvary soldiers during a white-out blizzard a just south of Chadron, NE and taken to Fort Robinson.

Dull Knife’s people were held in an Army barracks through the fall, and initially were allowed to come and go as long as they were present for evening role call.  During the months of November and December, Dull Knife and his people maintained they would rather die than be returned South – even petitioning to be relocated to Pine Ridge to live with Red Cloud’s band of Oglala Lakota.  In early January 1879, after being ordered to return south, Dull Knife’s people refused and were locked inside the barracks.  148 Cheyenne were imprisoned together in this new prison, about the size of a tennis court.  Food, water and firewood were withheld.

2015-01-10 15.19.55

Ashley Lawrence and Mac Cooper, Jr.

The children were told to scrape the frosted condensation from the windows, and to chew on strips of leather to ease their hunger.  On January 9th, at 9:45pm, the people broke out of the barracks.  The men fought back the soldiers with weapons they had hidden while the others ran.  On January 22nd, a group of 32 were intercepted 35 miles north of Fort Robinson, in a place referred to as the “Last Hole”, and were shot at point blank.  Their remains (some of which had been sent to the Smithsonian to research the effects of gunpowder fired at close range) were repatriated by the Northern Cheyenne in 1994, and laid to rest in Busby MT.

The run begins at the site of the reconstructed Army barracks, and ends 5 days later at the site in Busby.

On one night of the run, from approximately 9pm to 3am, the older and stronger runners make up mileage for the younger ones, who stay behind to swim and have fun at the hotel. It was here, at the AmericInn in Belle Fourche, SD that a small group of 10-12 year old girls decided to use their free time to form a production team, plan a project, gather footage, and cut together a trailer for a documentary film.

10906235_1016218188404980_2284967063511864556_nThus LuLu Sisters Productions was born – lulu meaning the vocal outcry of support Cheyenne women practice to uplift and encourage others- this particular group of girls were very generous with their lulu’ing all along the run. Their subject, who the community loving refers to as Grandma Jenny (Jenny Seminole Parker), is the youngest daughter of a survivor of the outbreak. Grandma Jenny has gone along the run year after year, and serves as a constant source of support, encouragement, and good stories.  The girls formed their questions for Grandma Jenny, and took off with the iPads.


Clockwise from top left: Jenny Seminole Parker, Kaylie Little Soldier, Bianca Haugen, Nellie Whiteman, Velma Fisher, Kansas His Bad Horse, Tee Tee Medicine Horse, Ashley Lawrence and Lily Gladstone

Here are two trailers for their forthcoming documentary (cut together by Nellie Whiteman and TeeTee Medicine Horse).

Sign up for a 3 Day Film Camp at Parade of Lights! Saturday December 6th

Join the MFA film squad as they have a blast creating films throughout the weekend. Learn awesome tech and creative skills!Movie-making-Boy-and-clappe

Preproduction, Friday, Dec 5th, 4-6 pm

Production, Saturday, Dec 6th, 4-8 pm

Post-production, Sunday, Dec 7th, 1-4 pm

More info and online registration…

Missoula 2014 Parade of Lights  Saturday, December 6, 2014

Get in the Holiday spirit at the 12th Annual Parade of Lights brought to you by the Missoula Downtown Association! This all-day family event includes numerous children’s activities and projects, the arrival of Santa Claus at the Florence Building, and concludes with the Parade of Lights and the lighting of the Downtown Christmas Tree at the Red XXXX’s on North Higgins Avenue.  Parade – 6pm  Tree Lighting – 6:30pm