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All RFA summer camps are $250 per student, $225 for siblings, and run 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Each camp culminates in a big screen premiere at 5pm each Friday at the Roxy Theater.

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Our 2019 camps are:

Movie Magic for Mini-Scientists

June 17-21
Ages 8+
Campers will create and film cool science experiments. Volcanoes will explode, giant bubbles will pop and everything will be caught on tape.

Digital Moviemaking at Big Sky Breakout

July 8-12
Ages 10+
Campers will write an original script and learn how filmmakers use locations, angles, light and sound to tell stories. They will use their new skills to create a short film on location at Missoula’s own escape room, Big Sky Breakout.

Make a Music Video

July 22-26
Ages 10+
See what it takes to weave a song with a visual story. Campers will use light, color, fog, costume, performance, and camera techniques to see what it takes to make compelling images for a music video.

Digital Moviemaking at the Moon Randolph Homestead

July 29 – Aug 2
Ages 10+
Campers will try their hands at live-action filmmaking, learn how filmmakers use scout photos, locations, angles, light and sound to tell stories. They will write original scripts while working in front of – and behind – the camera to create their own film on location at the Moon-Randolph Homestead.