Just Two Spots Left for the October Production Intensive

[Registration is now full. Please stay tuned for an announcement of the 2016 Montana Production Intensive Series at The Roxy Film Academy.]


Only two spots are still available for the October Production Intensive!

A full day of training at the studios of SciShow, one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, awaits the lucky two who sign up, plus face time with trailblazing filmmakers whose work has played at Sundance and the Emmys.

Students will also receive VIP All-Access passes to every screening, panel and party at the Montana Film Festival.

Convinced? Register here.

Andrew Bujalski at the October Production Intensive

TAlfred+P+Sloan+Foundation+Reception+Prize+4iZcoUiDVPplhe Montana Film Academy is proud to welcome the first mentor for our October Production Intensive: indie luminary Andrew Bujalski.

Drawing comparisons to John Cassavetes, Eric Rohmer, and Mike Leigh, Bujalski is one of the key figures in 21st-century indie cinema. As writer, director and editor of the graceful, intricate comedies Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, he pioneered a style of clever, humane, low-budget film that critics called “mumblecore.” His own films move smoothly beyond simple critical formulas, though—2013’s Computer Chess, which won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at Sundance, is a dark comedy about isolation, ambition, and the limits of human potential.

Production Intensive students will get to attend a facilitated discussion with Bujalski, and they’ll have the chance to see his most recent film, Results, which opened at Sundance 2015. Bujalski will also be in attendance at the inaugural Montana Film Festival, held from October 1-4.

Production Intensive Students Invited to Montana Film Festival


Students at the October Montana Production Intensive will receive an All-Access VIP Pass to the Montana Film Festival. The Montana Film Festival kicks off Thursday, October 1, featuring new independent films, Montana premieres, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and great evening parties—and production intensive students are invited to all of it. Register here for the intensive.

The inaugural festival will welcome guest writers, directors, actors, and industry professionals to experience Montana’s hospitality and breathtaking locations, and to connect them with the local talent they will need to start making movies here. As All-Access Passholders, students at the production intensive will get to meet all of these professionals in person, including director Andrew Bujalski, one of the most influential indie filmmakers in the industry, and actor Mya Taylor, one of the stars of the festival juggernaut Tangerine. Select filmmakers will be presenting exclusively to production intensive students during Saturday’s session at The Roxy.

Other highlights of the festival include four made-in-Montana movie premieres, a lineup of current festival hits, and a Montana film retrospective—featuring classics by Michael Cimino and Arthur Penn—that draws attention to the state’s past, present and future cinematic glory. Special events will spark conversation, introduce students to filmmakers and expose the creative workings of the craft. Register today for a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and found a new generation of Montana film.

See the full roundup of films and VIP event schedule here.

Announcing the new Montana Production Intensive

⌘ Production Intensive Series

PI_LogoProof copy 1
The Montana Production Intensive is a workshop series for aspiring film professionals that works with the movie industry and educational institutions to help build the future of film production in Montana.

This program is designed to make its students desirable to productions that come to the state. If you’re committed to working in Montana, we will help launch your career. In addition to giving you a comprehensive foundation in the skills you will need to work in production, we will connect you to apprenticeships, internships and job opportunities.

The Roxy Film Academy is aiming to make Montana a place where production will happen. Supporting talented PAs and production workers is the keystone of that.



 May 2-3 will feature Allison Whitmer leading a team of 10 professional mentors. Whitmer will present her passion for working in Montana. You’ll learn about what comes through Montana and what we can do together to make Montana’s film community stronger. Students will learn the skills and lingo it takes to communicate confidently on set.  We’ll start with some drills and get into set etiquette, scopes, lexicon, equipment and safety. You need to know the chain of command, when to talk and when to listen. Day 2 will be a live set experience. Cheeseburger? Sandbag? Applebox? Gobo? Let’s get into the language, the movement and the protocols.