Production Intensives – Starts Saturday May 2nd

PI_LogoProof copyWe’re gearing up here for opening weekend of the 2015 Montana Production Intensive. This weekend is going to be a great gathering of Montana filmmaking professionals, students and newcomers to the industry.

Montana’s own Allison Whitmer will be our amazing guide through the weekend, along with professional mentors and special guests including Film Commissioner Deny Stags and Rachel Gregg, Nik Griffith, Jeri Rafter, Lily Gladstone, Andrew Rizzo, Aaron Roos, Mike Steinberg, Mark Schogren, JD Jacoby, Dan Molloy, Heidi Dubose, Andrew Bassett, Mike Schweizer, Claire Dryer, Alex Escarsega, Gary Burton, Brooke Swaney, Skye Bennett, John Witham, Max Kubisiak, Austin Davis, Alex Anderlick, Austin Davis, Cheyenne Simmons and Jen Haas. Thank you to everyone on the team for making this an amazing educational and professional development opportunity.

Follow us @theroxy406

Follow us @theroxy406

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