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The Roxy Film Academy calls home the historic Roxy Theater in downtown Missoula, Montana

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The Roxy Film Academy was established in 2005 as a nonprofit program by the International Wildlife Film Festival and The Roxy Theater, with a mission to engage Missoula youth with immersive and empowering tools and mediums that combine education, filmmaking, creativity, and visual storytelling!

The Roxy Film Academy’s youth programming is designed to foster conscious creators of media by supporting emerging artists with tools, education, and guidance in the realms of media literacy and media arts. We are committed to providing hands-on learning experiences that encourage teamwork, build confidence, and allow students to express their creativity in a safe and supportive environment. Students of the RFA will have opportunities to learn and engage with: script writing, directing, acting, lighting, filming, capturing live sound, creating foley, post-production sound design, animation, set design, editing, multi-media installation work, and special FX, while producing original digital media.

Our unique approach to media arts education weaves together advanced visual communication skills, vocational and technical skills, mindfulness and ethics of content creation, and the satisfaction that they have begun and completed a project on their own merits.  Students leave our workshops, camps, and residencies inspired, confident, and creatively ambitious. At the end of our time together, students’ work is typically screened at the Roxy Theater for students, friends, and family to feel the magic of their actualized work on the big screen!  Annually, RFA students also have the chance to earn their laurels by showcasing their work at the Montana Film Festival.

Join us in the magic that is Filmmaking and Media Arts.

See you in the classroom!

Youth Programming

The Roxy Film Academy centers on the idea of Youth Programming through in-school residencies, Summer Camps, and other events!  Our aim is to create an intelligent and  media literate community of creators and innovators, and it starts with our youth! Summer Camps We have a variety of Immersive, Exciting, Hands-on, and Educational Summer Camps designed … Continue reading Youth Programming


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