Thanks for an Amazing Music Video Camp


Over the course of five days, these four students (ages 9-16) were mentored by Missoula actors/filmmakers Dan Molloy and Lily Gladstone to create original music videos. The group decided on a single song and combined their efforts into one fantastic production!

“Waiting” by Maiah Wynne was selected, and the kids set to work! “Waiting” tells the story of Seth, a 12 year-old boy coping with a significant transition by retreating into his imagination. Often left on his own, Seth decides to take a day off from Ritalin and explore the streets of Missoula. Independent and highly imaginative, Seth’s day is interrupted by an appointment with his therapist, Dr. Swann. In this session, it becomes apparent that Seth’s prescription may be unnecessary. Enter Maiah, Seth’s beloved older sister who no longer lives at home with the family. With her love and encouragement, Seth is revealed to be a normal (if slightly eccentric) kid who simply misses his big sister – equally imaginative and eccentric.

Special thanks to Big Dipper Ice Cream, Carlo’s One Night Stand, A Carousel for Missoula, and the Roxy Theater.

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