Montana Production Intensive, November 14-15 2015

For the November Installment of the Montana Production Intensive Series 2015, we are prepping you for the real deal: to go ON SET with a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.



OCTOBER 2015 @SciShow (!!!)

By registering for the Montana Production Intensive #4, you are securing your spot as a Production Intern on the feature film “Walking Out”, shooting in central Montana through the fall and winter.  This intensive will get you set-ready.  

With the help of Warm Spring Productions, this intensive will prep you with the essentials of Production Assistance.

Know your walkie.  Learn the jargon.  Pack your go-bag.
“Walking Out”,  based on the award-winning short story by David Quammen, is being adapted by Montana raised filmmakers Alex and Andrew Smith.  The Smith brothers’ previous titles included The Slaughter Rule starring Ryan Gosling and Amy Adams, and Winter in the Blood, starring Chaske Spencer and David Morse.

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