Andrew Bujalski at the October Production Intensive

TAlfred+P+Sloan+Foundation+Reception+Prize+4iZcoUiDVPplhe Montana Film Academy is proud to welcome the first mentor for our October Production Intensive: indie luminary Andrew Bujalski.

Drawing comparisons to John Cassavetes, Eric Rohmer, and Mike Leigh, Bujalski is one of the key figures in 21st-century indie cinema. As writer, director and editor of the graceful, intricate comedies Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, he pioneered a style of clever, humane, low-budget film that critics called “mumblecore.” His own films move smoothly beyond simple critical formulas, though—2013’s Computer Chess, which won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at Sundance, is a dark comedy about isolation, ambition, and the limits of human potential.

Production Intensive students will get to attend a facilitated discussion with Bujalski, and they’ll have the chance to see his most recent film, Results, which opened at Sundance 2015. Bujalski will also be in attendance at the inaugural Montana Film Festival, held from October 1-4.

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