Allison Whitmer at the October Production Intensive

Always on the phoneWe’re thrilled to have the trailblazing Montana producer Allison Whitmer back with us for the upcoming production intensive.

Whitmer, who was last at the Roxy for the May Production Intensive, is a veteran of Montana cinema who has worked on some of the most iconic projects ever made in the state: Robert Redford’s seminal The Horse WhispererRyan Gosling’s screen debut The Slaughter Rule, the Smith Brothers’ critically acclaimed adaptation of James Welch’s novel Winter in the Blood, the Emmy-nominated miniseries Frontier House, and the upcoming Livingston, starring Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart. Her experience working at every stage of filmmaking—from development to the everyday supervision of the set to post-production—makes her a priceless resource for anyone hoping to start their career in film.

Production Intensive students will get to talk to Whitmer about how to survive and flourish on a film set. Whitmer will also be in attendance at the inaugural Montana Film Festival, held from October 1–4.

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