2014 Winter Filmmaking Adventures

Winter 2014

Parade of Lights 3-Day Camp

At this 3-day filmmaking class, students developed a story and production team Friday, got out shooting in the community on Saturday, and learned about post-production and editing on Sunday.

MFA Students will be introduced to the basics of storytelling as well as the technical aspects of documentary and fiction filmmaking.They will make short fiction films and will practice the basics of documentary shooting through conducting interviews and learning about post-production after the Parade of Lights.

Fall 2014

Run and Gun Film Squad

Run with the MFA into a filmmaking intensive during Hootenanny and Sunday Streets Missoula. Hootenanny is a weekend of over 20 events including movies, music, puppets, workshops and ninjas at The Roxy. Hootenanny Logo Lime-Teal

Develop a story Friday, train on camera and sound Saturday, and get out and shoot with your team Sunday during Sunday Streets Missoula. This course is going to be fast and seriously fun.

Here’s a MFA mini-doc created by Ali with footage from students. Great job everyone!

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